SCL’s Core Competencies


SCL opens new tooling periodically and keeps developing complicated and challenging cases. Besides the drawings that clients send, SCL puts effort into innovative cases and has also obtained some patents. Innovation is not only our slogan, but also our action.


R&D team tries its best to make a great result. For example, we try to use different material on the same product for better appearance and function.

SCL can make customers’ ideas into reality by transforming the drawing they send into prototype or suggesting the alternative design to achieve better results.

R&D team offers solutions to the function issue.
Its expertise allows us react to customers’ needs efficiently and accurately.

R&D team takes trying new post treatment as its pleasure and aims to color our customers’ needs.


SCL Engineering team keeps pursuing excellence and makes new tooling.

SCL is experienced in making progressive tooling. The capability brings many strengths such as stable quality, short lead time and low manpower.

The tooling can be altered depending on customers’ specific needs.

SCL engineering team also has abundant experience of making progressive dies. With 40-year experience and a large amount of database, SCL team can create complicated tooling in good precision.


SCL believes that all departments are linked and create the final products together. Among all departments, production dept. plays a role that brings all prototypes to reality. The manufacture procedure for progressive dies and stage dies is well managed and controlled.

SCL also takes corrective actions to optimize the manufacture process once any abnormal situation happens during the production.


SCL regards customer complaints as the improvement power on no matter the design or function of the products. Customer complaints may happen, but it cannot repeat. Therefore, SCL takes corrective actions and communicates with customers continuously to solve the problems.

All SCL staff have to take training about quality, we therefore know well about quality standard and provide exactly what our customers want. The training is regular and effective. That is the reason that we can make ‘’stable quality’’.


The sales team in SCL knows well about our mission and all members collaborate with each other to deal with customers’ needs efficiently. SCL team values efficiency, but it is more important to take solving customers’ problems as our priority.

SCL listens to customers’ needs and offers solutions to deliver the result to customers.

SCL has abundant experience in processing different post treatment and the sales team knows well about it. We could serve our customers well according to it.